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Many new items have been added to ZC in 2.5. Here is a short description of what they do. (If this article is in the wrong place, please move it.)

Arrow Ammo: If "True Arrows" rule is checked, these will give you arrows.

Bomb Bags: Increase your maximum bombs. The L4 Bomb Bag (Magic) gives Link infinite bombs.

Bomb Ammo: Gives you bombs.

Bracelet (Worn-Out Glove): Like a power bracelet but it can be used only once per screen.

Cane of Byrna: Creates a spinning beam that orbits Link, but currently does not grant invincibility.

Charge Rings: Lets you charge the spin attack, hurricane spin, quake hammer, and super quake techniques quicker.

Heart Ring: Slowly heal Link.

Hover Boots: Lets you float in the air after you jump, or if you walk off the edge of a platform in Sideview.

Ladder 2: Allows you to move in all four directions on the ladder.

Magic Rings: Slowly give Link magic. The L4 Magic Ring (Light Force) gives Link unlimited magic.

Peril Ring: Increases Link's defense at low health.

Quiver: Lets Link hold a certain amount of arrows if the True Arrows rule is checked. The L4 Quiver (Magic) gives Link infinite arrows if the True Arrows rule is checked.

Roc's Feather: Gives Link the ability to jump.


  • Cross Beams: Lets you shoot sword beams in four directions when you do a spin attack.
  • Spin Attack and Hurricane Spin: Hold down the sword button to charge and release to spin around.
  • Quake Hammer and Super Quake: Hold down the hammer button to charge and smack the hammer to stun enemies nearby. Can stun Dodongos just like bomb smoke.
  • Peril Beam: Lets Link use sword beams at low health.

Stomp Boots: Let you hurt enemies by jumping on them, like in Mario games.

Stone of Agony: Makes Link vibrate when near Trigger Combo Flags.

Wealth Medals: Make items at stores cheaper. Also makes info cheaper.

Whimsical Rings: Give Link a random chance that one of his melee attacks will be an instant kill.

Whisp Rings: Shortens the amount of time Link is jinxed by bubbles, and makes the red bubble's jinx temporary. The L2 Whisp Ring makes Link immune to all jinxes.