Non-Gameplay Items

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Non-Gameplay Items are items that serve no real purpose in a quest and cannot be dropped by enemies or destructible combos. They can be used as decorations if placed in a spot where Link cannot reach them. However, in order for this to work properly, the quest rule "Hookshot/Boomerang Grabs All Items" must be disabled.

The default template includes 5 non-gameplay items:

  • Dust Pile: Typically used for Ganon's death, the end game sequence, which comes after Link steps on a combo marked with a Zelda flag, and the game icon for a Fourth Quest save file.
  • Selection 1 and 2: Used for the selector in the subscreen. You can change the appearance of the selector by choosing a different tile for each selection item.
  • Misc. 1 and 2: These items have no specific purpose beyond modifying their sprites. They can be placed on a screen to give Link something completely useless or as decorations in spots where Link cannot reach them. However, this will not work properly unless the quest rule "Hookshot/Boomerang Grabs All Items" is disabled.