Prepare Yourself To Tighten Up Your Poker Game

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At the WSOP Main Event, the chip leader following the first day has NEVER won the event. Now who knows how they played or if they all suffered tremendous bad beats, but sometimes while playing Situs Poker Online you'll wonder how someone can lose a huge chip lead or perhaps you're guilty of such a crime.

It happens, sometimes undeservedly or sometimes just because someone was playing plain dumb.   Tightening up is a safe way to produce it through tournaments. You do not have to turn into a stone, but when you have the big chip stack, it's always smart to start playing a little tighter.

On the flip side if you should be the low stack, it's probably a good idea to shrink as well, and stop playing your low connecting cards or cards that won't give you a monster. You're often pretty much in "All-in or fold mode" if you're the lower stack.

Tightening up usually relates to tournament games but if you have lost a large portion of your bankroll in cash games then it might probably be a great time to tighten and acquire some for sure victories. Waiting on the "Nuts" can be extremely boring and tiring but sometimes it's the best thing to do. Alternatively, if you've won a lot of money in cash games already it might probably be an enjoyable experience to play as many hands as possible to try and win some big pots.  

Do not misquote the pro's when they say "I come to win and take first, not to play for second, " no player ever won a sizable tournament with hundreds of players in the field without a little bit of securing. A good rule for yourself is to promise yourself that you will avoid heading out on top pair at all costs.

More players venture out thinking they've the best hand with top pair than anything else. The end result is, if you feel any doubt that you don't have the best hand, you then should fold before you get yourself right into a very bad situation.   There is really no point out playing high risk hands when you have the chip lead. It may help you sure, but it could hurt you a lot worse.

When your playing tight you actually do not wish to be playing cards like King/Nine or Queen/Eight and definitely not Ace/five or anything worse than Ace/Ten. You're usually dominated if you have cards like this and playing these cards put you at a very risky of losing a lot of your chip stack.   You have all the time in the world. Just settle-back, relax and enjoy the poker ride.

When you're tightening up, you ought to really only play in hands where you have good position too. Being on the button or close to last to act is always the best thing and playing low connecting cards is always the best thing when you are on the button, even if you are tightening up, just as long as you do not have to pay to high of a price to participate.