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A secret combo is a designated combo that appears when certain flags are triggered on a screen in Zelda Classic. When such a flag is triggered, the old combo is replaced by the secret combo. This is often used as a secret in quests, triggered by various mechanisms such as pushing a block or killing all of the enemies, and is also often essential to progress. Although they can be used on the overworld, secret combos are most often used in dungeons.

Important: Each layer has its own set of Secret Combos. A Combo Flag on Layer 1, for example, will use Layer 1's Secret Combos, not the main screen's.

Secret Combos Tabs


  • Blue Candle (Flag 4- Burn Trigger (Any))
  • Red Candle (Flag 73- Burn Trigger (Red Candle +))
  • Wand Fire (Flag 74- Burn Trigger (Wand Fire))
  • Din's Fire (Flag 75- Burn Trigger (Din's Fire))


  • Wooden Arrow (Flag 5- Arrow Trigger (Any))
  • Silver Arrow (Flag 71- Arrow Trigger (Silver +))
  • Golden Arrow (Flag 72- Arrow Trigger (Golden))


  • Bomb (Flag 6- Bomb Trigger (Any))
  • Super Bomb (Flag 11- Bomb Trigger (Super))


  • Wooden Boomerang (Flag 68- Boomerang Trigger (Any))
  • Magic Boomerang (Flag 69- Boomerang Trigger (Magic +))
  • Fire Boomerang (Flag 70- Boomerang Trigger (Fire))


  • Wand Magic (Flag 76- Magic Trigger (Wand))
  • Reflected Magic (Flag 77- Magic Trigger (Reflected))


  • Wooden Sword (Flag 79- Sword Trigger (Any))
  • White Sword (Flag 80- Sword Trigger (White +))
  • Magic Sword (Flag 81- Sword Trigger (Magic +))
  • Master Sword (Flag 82- Sword Trigger (Master))
  • Sword Beam (Flag 83- Sword Beam Trigger (Any))
  • White Sword Beam (Flag 84- Sword Beam Trigger (White +))
  • Magic Sword Beam (Flag 85- Sword Beam Trigger (Magic +))
  • Master Sword Beam (Flag 86- Sword Beam Trigger (Master))


  • Stairs (Click the Stairs Icon on the Toolbar, and place the yellow square)
  • Reflected Fireball (Flag 78- Fireball Trigger (Reflected))
  • Hookshot (Flag 87- Hookshot Trigger)
  • Wand (Flag 88- Wand Trigger)
  • Hammer (Flag 89- Hammer Trigger)
  • Any Weapon (Flag 90- Strike Trigger) Note that not all weapons can trigger this flag
  • Flags 16-31 (Secret Tiles 0-15)

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