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A Shop Type is a set of items available for sale.


Go to Quest -> Misc Data -> Shop Types

Main Menu

The Shop types for the First Quest.

Each quest can have up to 256 different shop types. Either double click a shop, or highlight one and hit the Edit button to modify what is inside the shop.

Shop Data

Inside the infamous Blue Ring shop.

Each shop can have a name associated with it. This is useful for remembering what is inside the shop for later.

Up to three items can be sold in each shop. Set the price with the text box and the item with the drop down menu. A tile preview is available after selecting the item to ensure the intended item is chosen.

It is possible to offer fewer items in the shop. Simply set the price to 0 and the item to (None).

In order to sell more than three items in a shop, scripting via ZScript is required.

Accessing the Shop

In order to access this shop, locate the screen where this shop is to be located. Go to Screen -> Room Type and select Shop. Then go to Screen -> Shop Type to select the intended shop.