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A door combo set is a collection of Door Combos that are placed in NES Dungeons, and have the functionality of various types of doors in The Legend of Zelda. One can place elements of Door Combo Sets through Tools->Doors, and edit the Door Combos within a Set through Quest->Graphics->Door Combo Sets. All doors in a door combo set can be made on NES Dungeon screens (this includes screens on NES Dungeon DMaps, and in 2.5, screens on non-dungeon DMaps that are set to be treated as NES Dungeon screens via the screen data flag 'Treat as NES Dungeon Screen'), with the door tool, and they can be made on non-dungeon screens, (this includes screens on Overworld, Interior, and BS Overworld DMaps, and in 2.5, screens on NES Dungeon DMaps that are set to be treated as interior screens via the screen data flag 'Treat as Interior Screen' ), even though this method requires the use of certain combos or flags depending upon what door the user is making. In 2.5, Screen State Carry Over can also be used when making doors on non-dungeons screens.

The Door Combo tool dialog only supports doors for four specific locations on any given screen--one for the north, one for south, one for east, and one for west.

Door Types

An ordinary wall that Link cannot walk through or blow up.
An open door, basically.
This door can be unlocked with a Normal Key, a Level Specific Key (which only works on the level number in which it is picked up), or a Magic Key (if it is set to work on the level number Link is currently on). Normal and Level Keys dissolve once used. Magic Keys can be used as many times as the player wants. Note that the Boss Key cannot open this door.
This door closes behind Link and can be opened in one of three ways- 1. When Link kills every enemy on the screen that counts as a beatable enemy, 2. When Link pushes a block that triggers secrets if the Block->Shutter Screen Flag is applied, or 3. When Link pushes a block onto every tile marked with Combo Flag 66 (Block Trigger) if the Block->Shutters Screen Flag is applied. If Link is in a Ganon Room, the shutters will not open until Link destroys Ganon, then picks up the Big Triforce.
If Link bombs this wall, it will create a hole for him to walk through.
When Link pushes against this wall, he will walk through it.
1-Way Shutter
This door closes behind Link and cannot be opened.
This door can only be opened with the boss key. It does not use up the key, so you can have multiple boss doors in a single dungeon, like in A Link to the Past.