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Hello! You've made it to my, Nicklegends', user page. Come learn more about me.

Life at PureZC

Forum membership

I've been a member at PureZC for nearly three years and have posted upwards of 2,000 times. I've been more active at times than others, but I try to stay a loyal member and speak whenever I feel the urge to. If you need me while on the site for whatever reason, do PM me.

Underneath the Armos

On January 18th, 2006, I was invited by Anthus to join a Quest Project Forum then known as "Rex's Crap," which was subsequently renamed to "Rex's, Nicklegends', and Snarwin's Crap," then to "Linkus Mastii's, Nicklegends' and Snarwin's Crap," and finally to "Underneath the Armos," the name it still holds today. After lacking the motivation to finish my planned quest, Foresight of the Past, I left Underneath the Armos on June 7th, 2008. In all, I had owned the forum with four other different people, three of which took the same path at some point.

Current projects

Right now, I am focusing much of my skill on creating MIDI files intended for use in Zelda Classic quests and submission to the website. I do accept requests to make music for a particular project as long as they are reasonable. At one point, I slowly made progress on a new quest entitled Foresight of the Past, intended to be a fairly standard Zelda quest with a full-size overworld, four dungeons, and a gripping story, but I have since redirected my focus to other potential quests and especially the aforementioned music.


I've released four sets of loose tiles and seven pieces of music (six packages) to the PureZC database so far; all currently have a rating of four stars or higher. I would love it if somebody would use them and rate them some more!

Wiki work

I love sharing my knowledge so that others can benefit from it, for in a karma-like way, I also benefit from playing the better quests that are produced as a result. I've spent a long time adding pages and uploading pictures, but I don't see myself stopping. Thanks to everybody else for supporting the manual, too!

A note to ZQuest newbies

Don't get your DMaps confused with your DCounters, CSets, ZScripts, VSync; your A. Frames with your A. Speed or A. Delay; your O., S., and E. Tiles with your O., S., and E. Animations and O., S., and E. Frame Rates; your BG GFX from your BG SFX from your MIDI; your DirectX with your correct X and Y Pos', Speeds, and Accels; your ZQ, ZC, ZCL, ROM, QSTs, QSUs, ZTDs, DMPs, TILs, SUBs, ZPLs, ZQSs, CMBs, ZGPs, ZQTs, ESPs, FPS or your NPCs' FFCs' IDs; but, most importantly, don't be confused with ZQuest itself.