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Vires are specific enemies included by default.

The Enemy

Large bat-like creature with arms and legs which jumps around the room. There are two types, normal and tribble.

Specific Information

Enemies: Vire (Normal) and Vire (Tribble)
In The Legend of Zelda: Normal: Yes
Tribble: No
Old Tiles: 165 - 168
Width: 4
Height: 0
Special Tiles: N/A
New Tiles: 1760 - 1775 (Normal)
1740 - 1755 (Tribble)
Width: 16
Height: 1
Weapon: None
Type: Walking Enemy
Old Tile Animation: Vire
New Tile Animation 4-Frame 4-Direction
Item Set: Normal: Bombs
Tribble: Magic+Bombs
HP: Normal: 8
Tribble: 16
Damage: 4
Weapon Damage: N/A
Hunger: 0
Random Rate: 4
Halt Rate: 0
Homing Factor: 64
Step Speed: 50
CSet: Normal: 7
Tribble: 9
Old Animation Frame Rate: 20
New Animation Frame Rate: 20
Enemy Class Attributes: Death Type: Split On Hit
Enemy ID:
Normal: 39
Tribble: 90
Number of enemy: 2
Walk Style: Vire
Sound Effects: Death: 10- Enemy dies
Misc Flags:
Defenses: None
Spawn Flags: Spawn Animation: Puff
These Gargoyle-like creatures hop when moving horizontally. The Normal variety splits into two Red Keese when struck with a weapon whose power is less than 4, while the Tribble variety splits into two Keese Tribbles when struck with a weapon whose power is less than 8. In the official Fourth Quest, the tribble variety uses CSet 8 instead of CSet 9 for some reason.

Enemy Properties

See Walking Enemy