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The Wand (also called the Magical Rod) is an item found in the original Legend of Zelda that allowed Link to fire magical waves, similar to those fired by Wizzrobes.

Item Class Properties

The damage inflicted to an enemy by the wand, and its magic.
Shoot Magic w/o Book
Link can still use the wand to shoot magic if he doesn't have the Book.

Item: Wand
In The Legend of Zelda: Yes
Level: 1
Item Class Properties: Damage: 2
Allow Magic Without Book
Increase Amount:
Max Increase:
Hearts Required: 0
Magic Cost: 0
Flags: Equipment Item
Found in Level 6 in the First Quest and Level 8 in the Second Quest, this wand shoots magic. It can also be used as a melee weapon unless a certain quest rule is checked. If Link has the Magic Book, then magic waves from this wand will create flames on impact with enemies.