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An option in ZQuest that causes you teleport to a different screen.

There are two main types, tile warps an side warps. Tile warps are triggered by many different types of combos, whereas side warps are triggered by walking off one or more sides of the screen. There as also timed warps which trigger after a number of tics. Timed warps act as if the player had walked on a Stairs combo, except they use the parameters set in the side warp dialog.

Warp combos

There are many types of combos that trigger tile warps. They determine warp animation and what triggers the warp.

Cave (walk down): Shows Link walking downward into the cave and plays the "stairs" SFX before warping you.

Cave2/Cave (walk up): Shows Link walking straight up, appearing to go into the cave. Also plays the "stairs" SFX.

Stairs: Just warps you to your destination when you walk into it, without any animations or sounds. Link must be standing exactly on top of the stair combo; not just touching it or standing halfway on it.

Pit/Direct warp: Acts like a stairs combo, but ignores the warp square on the destination screen, and warps you to where you were when you warped. Unlike a stair combo, Link only needs to walk partially over the combo in order for the warp to take effect.

Swim warp: Acts as a water combo, but warps you in the same way as a stairs combo when you swim onto it. Since the warp only takes effect while swimming, Link must have the Flippers to use a swim warp; walking over it with the Ladder will not allow Link to use the warp.

Dive warp: Acts as a water combo, but warps you in the same way as a stairs combo when you dive while swimming over it. It does not matter where Link originally dove; he only needs to be submerged while swimming over the dive warp for the warp to take effect.

Warp types

These determine where and how you are warped. They are identical for both tile and side warps.

Cave/Item Cellar
Ignores destination coordinates and warps you to screen 80 of the current map. The exception is when using a 3 stair warp on an overworld dmap with Caves, which sends you to screen 81 instead. If the DMap uses Caves instead of Item Cellars, then Link enters screen 80 at screen coordinates (112,160) and the palette is set to 00A. Otherwise he enters at screen coordinates (48,0), the palette is 00B, and four Keese (enemy 38) are spawned (if enemies on screen 80's enemy list do not also appear).
Warps Link to screen 81. Link enters from the top of the screen at either X position 48 or X position 192, depending on the difference in screen numbers between the original and destination screens. If Link exits screen 81 at an X position more than 16 pixels away from the location that he entered, then he is taken to the destination screen. Otherwise, he returns to the original screen.
Used for a major change of dmap (like a dungeon entrance). Also serves as a continue point. If warping to the same dmap, this is the only warp type that stops the music briefly.
Scrolling warp
Warps you to the destination by scrolling, as if you were walking onto the next screen. Best used with side warps.
Instantly warps you to your destination. Useful for Custom Bosses and cutscenes.
Insta-warp w/blackout
Warps you to your destination with a slight delay where the screen is all black.
Insta-warp w/ opening screen
Warps you to your destination with an opening screen, like when you come out of a cave in the original Legend of Zelda. If the rule Cool Scrolling is turned on, the opening effect is similar to the standard warp in A Link to the Past.
Insta-warp w/ zap effects
Causes the screen to pixelate and blur as your are warped. Similar to the effect created when the player touches a warp tile in A Link to the Past.
Insta-warp w/ wave effects
The screen moves like a wave as it fades into pure white. It then fades back into your destination with the same wavy motion. Similar to the light/dark world warp in A Link to the Past.
Cancel warp
Warp combo types have no effect on this screen. Can be used in demos and betas to stop a player from progressing farther than is intended. This does have a potential use in a finished quest: enemies will not walk on Pit combo types, so in the past Pits and the Cancel Warp were used to create "no enemy zones" prior to the implementation of the "No Enemies" Combo Flag.