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General Philosophy

Imagine you are a first-time user of Zelda Classic, and are looking for a ZC and ZQ manual. The goal of this wiki is to create such a manual whose look, feel, and content lives up to that user's expectations. Use this goal, and common sense, to guide you in editing the wiki. For example,

  • Avoid stating personal views in articles (though you are welcome to do so on talk pages).
  • Provide context when documenting features. Include when the feature was first introduced, and discuss any significant changes to that feature in previous releases.
  • Avoid documenting incomplete features, or features in alpha builds which are likely to be changed or removed. If a feature is obviously buggy, describe the intended behavior, not the (temporary) buggy behavior.
  • Be concise. Do not include "how-to" guides in the documentation. However, since these guides can be extremely useful to beginning quest authors, feel free to put them in separate articles, with a short description in Category:Quest Tips and Tricks, and link to them from the documentation.
  • There already exist many great ZQuest tutorials. Please do not plagiarize them in this wiki! Instead, put a link and description in Third-party Tutorials. If you wish to create a brand-new tutorial on this wiki, by all means do so.
  • This wiki is Official. It is an adjunct of Armageddon Games and will hopefully become a crucial part of Zelda Classic. Vandalism and other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated; you are accountable for your actions here back on your home forum.
  • Most importantly, don't be afraid to edit here or worry that you'll screw things up. A complete history of every page is kept on the server, so there is no way to permanently damage an article.

License Information

All information contributed to this wiki is done so under the GNU Free Document License - please do not upload any material whose license is incompatible with the GFDL.

In particular, please do not upload screenshots of quests, tilesets, or other work by third-party quest authors, unless he or she has explicitly released the work into the public domain. You have explicit permission to upload screenshots of ZC, ZQ, and the official quests.