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A person in Zelda Classic who gives you an item or tells you what to do.

A "Guy" is usually used in conjunction with a room type, which lets you do things such as give the player items or display a message string.

It also tells ZC to place a temporary invisible wall across the screen (which is removed if the quest rule "Messages Disappear" is checked), and is treated as an (invincible) enemy (even though currently, guys cannot be edited in the enemy editor), making them very useful for tricks such as events.

Here are all the different guys included in the list:

  • Abei: An old man who appears in caves on the overworld map in the NES game The Legend of Zelda, where he provides special items (the wooden, white, and magic swords, and the letter), offers a red potion and a heart container, runs a money making game, charges 20 rupees for destroying his door, or says "secret is in the tree at the dead-end". Uses tile 84 and CSet 8.
  • Abei 2: An old man who appears in dungeons in the NES game The Legend of Zelda, where he gives hints, stops you from entering level 9 if you don't have all 8 triforce fragments, offers a bigger bomb bag for 100 rupees, or makes you leave either one heart container or 50 rupees (2nd quest only). Uses tile 87 and CSet 8.
  • Ama: And old woman who sells a blue potion for 40 rupees and a red potion for 68 rupees (after you show her the letter), gives Link information if he pays a certain amount of rupees (20 for the mountain maze path and 30 for the forest maze path; 5 and 10 are not enough while 50 is too much), or tells Link to "meet the old man at the grave". Uses tile 85 and CSet 8.
  • Empty (2.50 only): An invisible guy. Uses tile 259 and CSet 0. Use it when you just want the string to appear without a visible guy. Note that you can make the tiles for other guys (such as Abei and Ama) blank to accomplish the same thing. Also, you can edit or paste to tile 259 to make room for one more visible guy.
  • Fairy: Appears at certain ponds in the NES game The Legend of Zelda, where she refills your life and in the 2nd quest, cures permanent sword jinxes when you stand in front of her. Uses tiles 63 and 64, CSet 8 and 2 frame animation. Even if the DMap uses the flag 'Special Rooms/Guys in Caves Only', she still appears on regular screens.
  • Fire: A sentient flame seen in guy rooms in the NES game The Legend of Zelda. Uses tile 65, CSet 8 and flip animation. These flames will hurt Link if he touches them, but unlike the fire enemy, they cannot be destroyed at all. If Link attacks a guy in an NES Dungeon, these flames will shoot fireballs at him. 2 of these flames appear in a guy room unless the rule 'No Fires in Guy Rooms' is turned on.
  • Goriya: The hungry Goriya found in dungeons in the NES game The Legend of Zelda, where he will not let you pass until you leave bait for him, which disappears when used in such a way. He isn't entirely necessary to make use of the 'Feed the Goriya' Room Type. Uses tile 132 and CSet 8.
  • Merchant: The guy who runs regular shops in the NES game The Legend of Zelda. In shop type 0, he sells a magic shield for 160 rupees, a normal key for 100 rupees, and a blue candle for 60 rupees. In shop type 1, he sells a magic shield for 130 rupees, 4 bombs for 20 rupees, and a wooden arrow for 80 rupees. In shop type 2 (hidden under burnable tress or behind bomb-able walls), he sells a magic shield for 90 rupees, bait for 100 rupees, and a heart for 10 rupees. In shop type 3 (found under a certain Armos in the 1st quest, and behind the false wall in the 2nd quest), he sells a normal key for 80 rupees, a blue ring for 250 rupees, and bait for 60 rupees. Uses tile 86 and CSet 6 (Link's palette).
  • Moblin: The generous Moblin in the the NES game The Legend of Zelda, where he offers 10, 30, or even 100 rupees. Uses tile 116 and CSet 8.
  • Zelda: The princess of Hyrule. Approaching her will not end the game, but touching a combo marked with flag 15 (Zelda) will. In Zelda Classic, she can be used in room types other than the Zelda room type. Uses tiles 35 and 36 (the tile used for the game end sequence) and CSet 6 (Link's palette).