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A quest's header is its "About" box. The header shows the title, author, version, and description. In the Zelda Classic quest player, the header box appears after a custom quest is loaded.

In the Zquest quest editor, the header box can be shown and changed by going to the Quest menu, then clicking header. This window contains:

  • The version of ZQuest that the quest was made in, such as 2.10 or 1.92
  • Quest number: The original first quest has a 1 in this box. The second would have a 2. All custom quests should have a 0.
  • Quest Version: Use this for revisions. Minimum version is a compatibility option. Whatever version you put in this box is the minimum version that Zelda Classic will read. If the version of the quest is 1.3 and the minimum version is 1.3, then a player who has version 1.2 or lower and downloads the new version of the quest will have to start the quest over. You should increase the minimum version if you make a major change that requires a game restart.
  • The title and author boxes: The title of the quest and name (or nickname) of the author