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Layers are used to make combos appear to be on top of each other. A short spiel on how to use layers can be found in ToaofGamecube's ZC Tutorial Chapter 4: Lvl_1 The layers are as follows:

0: The Default Layer. Below Everything.

1: Below Everything but layer 0

(Sprite layer for Freeform Combos. Between 1 and 2.)

2: Below Everything but layers 0 and 1.

(Sprite layer for Link, ground enemies, and items, as well as pushable blocks. Above layers 1 and 2.)

3: Above Link and ground enemies, but below flying enemies.

4: Above Link, ground enemies, and layer 3, but also below flying enemies.

(Sprite layer for flying enemies. Above layers 3 and 4.)

5: Above everything but layer 6

6: The top layer.