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The Life Gauge Piece is a subscreen element used to make customized health meters. Unlike the pre-built life meter, this allows for custom sizes and positions. These are harder to use than the default life meter because they involve much more setup and require one element for each heart container.


Element Properties

Subscreen hearts properties.PNG

Items of importance:

  • Not Last tile: The normal heart container tile
  • Last tile: The tile shown for the last heart container
  • Cap tile: The last owned container if not all containers are collected
  • After cap tile: Containers not yet collected
  • Mod checkbox: Must be set for Not Last and Last
  • Frames, Speed, and Delay: Used for animation
  • Show: The level of precision to display (from quarter hearts to 1/16th hearts)
  • Container: The number of the heart container shown here (from 1 to the number of life gauge pieces shown on the subscreen)
  • Unique last: Whether or not to use the Last tile

Tile Setup

Subscreen hearts tiles.PNG

The tiles shown here are the only ones needed to correctly display quarter hearts. If you want to add more tiles for greater precision, you can add the needed minitiles over the corresponding numbers of hitpoints (1 heart = 16 hitpoints).

Big Heart Containers

To make big heart containers, you will need to make one set of tiles (as shown above) for each part of the container, then for each heart container make one life gauge piece for each part and set their Container value to the same number.