Tiered Secrets

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Tiered Secrets is a Quest Trick, in which the Screen Secrets process can be triggered twice or more once in a row, resulting in the screen having two 'tiers' of secrets. Tiered Secrets can create more complex puzzles and effects than can be produced with 'ordinary' Screen Secrets.

Creating multiple tiers of secrets

Normally, when Screen Secrets are triggered, all of the Trigger Combo Flags on the screen are removed and replaced with their matching Secret Combos. To enable Tiered Secrets, one must use one or more of the following methods to circumvent this.

Flagged Secret Combos

Tiered Secrets are usually created by flagging the screen's Secret Combos with Trigger Combo Flags, either explicitly, or with Inherent Flags. Thus, when these Secret Combos appear on the screen when Screen Secrets are triggered for the first time, the Trigger Combo Flags allow Screen Secrets to be triggered again.

"Self Only" Combo Flags

Another possibility is to use "Trigger -> Self Only" or "Trigger ->Self, Secret Tiles" Combo Flags, which prevent Trigger Combo Flags from being replaced during the Screen Secrets process.

Combo changes at specific tiers


Linked Secret Tiles