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Tile editing is one of the most important features in making a custom quest. To edit a tile or make a new one, go to Quest|Graphics|Tiles. Your screen should look like Figure 3-1.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v673/toaofgamecube/ZC%20Tutorial/tileedit.png Figure 3-1

Now, we click on the desired tile and click edit. PgUp, PgDown, and the scroll button all change pages. Press + and - to change palletes. I have chosen to edit the subscreen triforce (a large triangle, tile #38. The new screen is shown in Figure 3-2.

Tile Editor.png Figure 3-2

The controls are as follows:

SWORD: Recolor one pixel at a time.

BUCKET: Recolor an entire block of a single color.

WAND: Recolor all pixels of the same color.

LENS: Select a color on the tile.

HAND: Move the pixels all at a time

HOOKSHOT: Make a perimeter around any area (width x height) of pixels.

CANE: Make a perimeter around all pixels of the same color.

I want to make the triforce look more 3-D. So, by dumping and drawing, I get the result in Figure 3-3.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v673/toaofgamecube/ZC%20Tutorial/finishedtri.png Figure 3-3

To rip loose tiles into a quest, click the grab button, then click file and select an image (bmp, gif, jpg/jpeg, pcx, png, tga), a ZC file (Tile Export, Quest Template, Quest, Graphics Pack, Un-encoded Quest), or a ROM Image (NES [.nes], SNES [.smc], Game Boy [.gb], Game Boy Advance [.gba]). Next, select the tiles you want and click OK. The recolor button (or the R key) recolors the image. The P key shows the original palette of the selected image. To rip the whole tile sheet, click the leech button.

Leech Options

Updates Status Every: [XXX] Tiles or Seconds


Only check new tiles
  • Ignore
  • Check
  • Discard
Horizontal Flip
  • Ignore
  • Check
  • Discard
Vertical Flip
  • Ignore
  • Check
  • Discard
Horizontal/Vertical Flip
  • Ignore
  • Check
  • Discard

To save a page of tiles to an image file, click the Export Button, then type in the name of the image file and click OK.