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Water is a combo type with the following properties:

  • Zora-type enemies can appear on this combo.
  • Ranged weapons that are normally stopped by unwalkable combos, like the Hookshot, fire freely over this combo regardless of its walkability.
  • The Stepladder can be used to cross over this combo if it is unwalkable.
  • If Link has the flippers, and this combo is unwalkable, then he can swim on this combo. His tiles will be changed to the Link Swimming tiles set in the Link Sprites box.
  • If the "Whistle->Dry Lake" Screen Flag is set, then it loses its combo type and unwalkable flags when the Whistle is played. This effect is temporary, and vanishes if the screen is reentered.

The "Link Drowns in Walkable Water" Rule

If this rule is set, then the following changes to the above behaviour occur:

  • If Link is standing on this combo without the Flippers, and his Z-axis position is 0, he will drown. His sprite tiles will change to the "Diving" Link tiles, he will not be able to move, and after 60 frames he will lose 1/4 of a heart and reappear at the exact location where he entered the screen, flashing.
  • The Stepladder can be used to cross over this combo regardless of its walkability.
  • Other walking enemies will not walk on it, regardless of its walkability.