Many new features and fixes mark this major release of Zelda Classic. Dark Nation steps in as the project’s new lead developer.
Zelda Classic:
– Added 4 new enemies.  Not quite complete yet, but still fun
to watch.  The Zol Tribble (yes, tribble, like in Star Trek)
will split into 2 Gel Tribbles when attacked with anything
less powerful than the magic sword.  The 2 Gel Tribbles will,
after about 3 seconds, grow into normal Zols (I hope to make
them grow back into Zol Tribbles at some point).  A Vire
Tribble will split into 2 Keese Tribbles if attacked with
anything less powerful than the Master Sword).  The Keese
Tribbles will grow into normal Vires (again, I plan to make
then go back to Vire Tribbles later) after about 3 seconds
if they are on a walkable tile.  If they are on a solid tile
at the time they are supposed to change, they will wait another
3 seconds (this keeps Vires from popping up in solid walls).
– Added a new arrow, the Golden Arrow.  It does twice as much
damage as the Silver Arrow and goes through any enemy, just
like an arrow goes through a Pol’s Voice.
– Added Silver and Golden Arrow sparkles, like in Zelda 3.
There is a quest rule for each.
– Added Magic and Fire boomerang sparkles, like in Zelda 3.
There is a quest rule for each.
– Fixed a bug with the whistle and flippers.  Previously, if you
had the flippers and used the whistle to summon the whirlwind,
if the whirlwind crossed a water block in the first column of
tiles on the screen that it took you to, it would drop Link off
in the water and make him invisible.  He wouldn’t return to
normal until he used the whistle again or went into a cave or
– Added the hookshot.  May tweak it some more so that it stretches
after a few of the chain links are out, but for now, it works.
– Increased the number of save states from 24 to 255.
– Added a quest rule to make it where fire (from the candle or from
the wand and magic book) doesn’t hurt you.
– Added a quest rule to make it where bombs hurt you.
– Added 4 damage combos that take off about a set amount of hp
every second no matter what ring you have on.  They take off
1/2, 1, 2, and 4 hearts respectively.
– Added a quest rule for temporary clocks.  This causes clocks to
turn off after about 5 seconds, so you don’t get stuck in a room
with enemies out of your reach.
– Added the amulet (cross).  For the moment, it works on a screen
flag.  When this flag (Invis. Enemies) is set, all the enemies
on that screen will be invisible unless Link has the amulet
– Fixed a legacy bug that nobody noticed before.  If you buy a bomb
in a shop and immediately walk over to another item, you will get
that item for free.  This has been fixed.
– Finally got around to fixing Link’s walking bug.  Before, if
you were directly above or below a block, you would walk through
it vertically unless the top and bottom left corners had walk
flags in them.  This is fixed now.  I hope to fix the enemy
walking bug (an enemy can walk through a block unless the bottom
left and right corners have walk flags in them) soon.
– Added some rules to the swords so you can now specify which
swords can shoot beams.  Also, you can specify if you want
sword beams to do half the damage of the sword they came from
or full damage.
– Implemented the hammer.  When a pound combo is struck with the
hammer, it will change into the next combo in the combo list.
This may also be another pound combo, if you wish.  This allows
for the making of things that have to be pounded more than once.
The hammer (currently) has the power of the magic sword.  Because
of it’s long delay, this should be fairly well-balanced.
– Implemented the Level 2 Bracelet.  Used by new combo types
Push-heavy2 and Push-hw2.
– Added a ladder and raft fix.  Now, when travelling left or right
while using the ladder or raft, if Quest Rule 2 (Ladder/Raft Fix)
is set, then the ladder or raft will be rotated.
– Added 2 new enemies, “just for fun”.  A black octorok (octorok
on crack) and a black darknut (death knight).  Both are stronger
than Ganon and move quite fast.  The octorok shoots magic and
the death knight is not able to shoot swords.
– Completed the implementation of the fire boomerang.  It is similar
to the magic boomerang, but any enemy that the magic boomerang
can stun, this one will stun, as well as cause white sword damage
to.  It will also stun (but not hurt) peahats (it actually causes
them to land, so you can hit them), pol’s voices, and darknuts if
you hit them from the back or side.  If the fire boomerang hits
a darknut when it is returning to you, it will ALWAYS stun any
darknuts it hits, since the boomerang hits both sides of the
darknut.  If the darknut turns around IMMEDIATELY after the
returning boomerang hits its shield, so that the shield is on the
other side when the boomerang gets there, it MIGHT be able to
block it, but I haven’t been able to prove this yet.
– Fixed the bug where the colors that are affected when you activate
a whistle flag don’t return to normal after you leave the screen.
– Fixed the slash combo bug.  If you stand below a slash combo so
that you are half-way on it, then try to slash it, nothing will
happen.  This has been corrected.
– Fixed the arrow flag bug.  Now, arrow flags work anywhere on the
screen, not just on the sides.
– Consolidated the Rules and Rules 2 menu commands into one Rules
command.  It now has buttons on the window so that the pages can
be changed quickly and easily.
– Added a bordered fill command (Fill2).  This acts like the flood
command but stops when it hits a border made of the current
combo.  Fill2 (4-way) stops on vertical and horizontal borders.
Fill2 (8-way) stops on these as well as diagonal borders.
– Added the ZGP import/export file format.  This stores the tiles,
combos, palettes, and color cycling information into one file.
– Added Paste To All and Paste All To All commands.  The Paste To
All command is like doing a Paste command on every screen in
the current map (only copies combos).  The Paste All To All
command is like doing a Paste All on every screen on the current
map (copies enemies, flags, items, etc.)
– Added a Flood and Fill command to ZQuest.  The Flood command will
change every combo on the current screen to the current combo.
Fill (4-way) works like the fill command in most paint programs.
Fill (8-way) is similar to Fill (4-way), but the fill is allowed
to go diagonally as well.