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Zelda Classic 2.53.1 (Beta)

Primary Developers: EmilyV, ZoriaRPG

A preliminary build package of 2.53.1, for the 20th Anniversary ‘6th Quest’ Contes

This package includes new features including modular data packages (.ztile, .znpc, .zcombo, .zitem, .zdmap, .zalias), GUI skins, support for multiple .sav files, a new version of ZCL to set the current skins and the current save file, and a lot of bugfixes and improvements. Once 6th.qst is done, it will be packaged with this build alongside a new blank quest with Z1 maps pre-set-up and all of the Classic.zh elements pre-configured. This is the first version of ZC that bundles a standalone version of DXGL, that you may enable, disable, and configure direct from ZCLaunch.

We hope to finish up and fully release this version relatively soon.

Change Log | Source Code | ZCLaunch Source Code


Zelda Classic 2.55 (Alpha)

Primary Developers: Gleeok, Grayswandir, EmilyV, ZoriaRPG, Deedee

The latest, in-development version of ZC. This version introduces a wide variety of new features, both for script use, and in-engine.

Change Log | Source Code | ZCLaunch Source Code

You are now able to do things such as making larger enemies, giving items pick-up strings, crystal switch blocks, signs, real (z3-style) dark rooms, and more, purely using the editor, without scripts.

Modules Downoads

Zelda Classic | Demo | PhantomMenace | Expo 2018  | Module Tools

There may be some bugs along the way, but we fix them as they occur. 

For a taste of things to come, please feel free to try 2.55 today. The development team fully-supports developing new quests in these Alphas. 

Zelda Classic 2.55 (Nightly Builds)

Primary Developers: EmilyV, Deedee

The absolute latest builds, with all the most recent features and bugfixes.

Change Log | Source Code | ZCLaunch Source Code

Please report any bugs you discover – or request any features you feel are missing – in the official development discord server.



Zelda Classic 2.50.2

Latest Stable Cross-Platform Release, Released October, 22nd, 2015
Primary Developers: DarkDragon, Dark Nation, Gleeok, jman2050, Joe123, _L_, pkmnfrk, Saffith

ZC 2.50.2 is deprecated by 2.53. Per-platform support for 2.50.2 ends when a final build of 2.53 is released for that platform. Please note that as of MacOS X v10.15, Zelda Classic will no longer run on Mac OSX, due to Apple deprecating 32-bit software support, OpenGL,Quarts, QT Libs, and requiring all apps to be certified by Apple. 

Source Code

Zelda Classic 2.53.0

Primary Developers: Gleeok, Grayswandir, EmilyV, ZoriaRPG

The latest, and final version of ZC in the 2.50.x branch, replacing 2.50.3. 

Change Log | Source Code | ZCLaunch Source Code

Quests made in 2.53 will play in 2.50.0, 2.50.1, 2.50.2, and 2.55–however, player versions prior to 2.53 may not properly play a quest made using 2.53, depending on quest rules, and ZScript usage. 2.53 will properly play all quests made using 2.50.0, 2.50.1, and 2.50.2.

Zelda Classic and ZQuest will only run on X86 architecture.

The only supported mobile devices are those with X86 cores, running Windows, and Linux.

We cannot support ARM, or other architectures at this time, nor can we support Android, or iOS.

If you are on a mobile device that we do not support, please return from a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a tablet, or a pocket computer that uses the X86 architecture, running a supported OS.