Version 2.53.0

April 17, 2019

Zelda Classic 2.53.0 Released

After several years of work, patching bugs and making various compatibility enhancements, we are pleased to announce the immediate release of Zelda Classic 2.53.0.

This release fixes various bugs in the 2.50.x series on modern Windows OS systems, and enhances quest compatibility with all prior versions.

ZC 2.53.0 is fully backward-and-forward-compatible with 2.50.2, and completely replaces the prior ‘2.50.3’ updates.

This version includes an Emulation menu in ZC Player that allows selectively enabling feature/bug emulation for older quests, and offers the widest support for all quests made between versions 1.80 and 2.50.2.

At this time, only the Windows release of ZC is supported. Future support for MacOS X is in doubt, given the recent announcements by Apple that they will discontinue support for all 32-bit ‘apps’ in their operating system; and a Linux version is planned, but at present in hiatus due to issues compiling ZC in a modern Linux environment (gcc/g++)..

This version supersedes v2.50.2, and v3.50.3RC1 for Windows, and all support for these versions for the WIndows platform has ended. This version of ZC is supported via a LTS programme through to April 2023 on current versions of the Windows OS.



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Zelda Classic turns 20 years old!

April 1, 2019

Version 2.50

December 21, 2012

After years of development, ZQuest Classic 2.50 is released. ZQuest Classic moves to open source.

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Public Alphas Begin

January 30, 2007

ZQuest Classic development switches to publishing publicly-available alphas. Detailed development logs for the public alpha builds are available on a separate page.

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Version 2.10

January 5, 2005

ZQuest Classic version 2.10 is released. This version was the last stable release in over eight years, and the last release with a native MS-DOS build.

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Zelda Classic Featured on TechTV

November 5, 2004

ZQuest Classic was featured on the TV show “The Screensavers” on TechTV. It was a brief clip, and they demonstrated how to make your own custom quest with ZQuest. This groundbreaking event marks the high point of ZQuest Classic’s mainstream visibility.

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Version 1.93 Alpha/Beta 4

June 19, 2004

Many bugs fixed.

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Version 1.93 Alpha/Beta 2

June 19, 2004

Several ZQuest UI improvements.

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Version 1.93 Alpha/Beta 3

June 19, 2004

Many bug fixes, including for the infamous “continue bug.”

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Quest Database Opens

June 17, 2004

The Quest Database, implemented by Eckels, opens on this site, allowing users to upload their custom quests to share with the world.

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