1. Fixed the “bug” where picking up a DMap item would cause the game engine to constantly display alert boxes.

2. Fixed (I think) the right-click menu in ZQuest.

3. Fixed the MIDI player screen “Position” text location.

4. Overwrite protection is now optional and off by default. This can be changed from the Etc->Options menu.

5. The game engine has a beta Grayscale mode. This is found in the Misc menu. It is still buggy. It only works properly if you turn it on after you start playing a certain quest and turn it off before you return to the quest selection screen.

6. The Windows version does not need the zcmusic.dll file anymore. This may change back at some point in the future.

7. Added a beta GUI color modification code to ZQuest and the Zelda game engine. After you run either one and quit, edit the ag.cfg file. Look for the item called gui_colorset. There is one for each program (under the zquest header for zquest and under the zeldadx header for the zelda game engine). It defaults to 0 but can be any number between 0 and 3 inclusive. Any number outside this range is basically the same as a 0. I plan to add more and easier control of the colors in the future. The defaults are as follows:
0-Windows 2000 style. Slight yellow interface and simple bevel on 3D objects.
1-Windows 95/98 style. Gray interface and enhanced bevel on 3D objects.
2-Windows “99”. Slight yellow tint and enhanced bevel on 3D objects.
3-Windows 2000 Classic Blue style. Windows 2000 style with a blue tint, reminiscent of the original ZQuest colors).