ZQuest Classic

Ratings Open for the Official 20th Anniversary Contest

Official 20th Anniversary Contest Ratings

The final quest submissions, and the form to rate them are now available to the public.

You can download a ZIP of the entire set of quests here. This comes with information on how to rate the quests, and other miscellaneous information that you may need to review in order to properly submit your ranking data,.

Be sure to use the latest version of ZC 2.53.1, when playing the quests! This is mandatory to ensure compatibility. The version at the time of this post is 2.53.1, Beta 36.

The form for the contest ranking submissions is hosted on openzc.org, through jot. If for some reason you cannot use this form, please notify the contest staff.

All rating submissions are subject to validation and review by contest staff. Spoofed, invalid, or deliberately malicious submissions will be discarded with no effect on the quest ranking.

If you were unable to finish a quest, and you do not provide a satisfactory reason, then we will discard your submission: The field for the reasons for which you are unable to finish a quest is not optional.

We will allow at least two or three months to receive submissions, and may extend this further, should people still be testing and require more time.

Please keep us updated on your progress, and enjoy!

Zelda Classic 2.53.1 Pre-Release Available

For use in the Official 6th Quest Contest, we are proud to offer Beta builds of Zelda Classic 2.53.1 Pre-Release.

This version includes many ‘Quality of Life’ features for building quests, including a host of new modular data formats. For more information, please view the download section, or download the latest package here.


      • Added .ZMOD in a new ‘light’ format for 2.53.1
      • ZScript parser upgrades, including comment blocks.
      • Fixed issues where ZQuest did not properly render negative layers for adjacent screens.
      • Revised the Import/Export menus.
      • Fixed issues with Ganon Triforce and Ashes in Sideview and over conveyors.
      • Refactored full tileset import and export, adding .ZTILESET.
      • Added .ZTILE, .ZNPC, .ZDMAP, .ZCOMBO, and .ZALIAS file types.
      • Fixed an issue that caused Malwarebytes to false flag ZC.
      • Added scale options for the mouse cursors.
      • Added .ZITEM individual item save/load to the Item Editor
      • Updated ZCL to 2.8.0 with new zc.cfg options, and which handles loading user theme/skin files.
      • CRITICAL: Fixed a bug where very old ghosted enemies were rendered invisible.
      • CRITICAL: Fixed a bug that caused zc.sav to be eaten.
      • Added hotkeys for Level palettes and Fixed Incorrect (violet) Level palette mapscreen grid display.
      • Other improvements. See the changelog.txt for more details.

New Modular ZQuest Resource Database

We’ve added a large number of new Modular Resource Types, that you may submit, or download on the ZeldaClassic.com Resource Database. These new formats are for use with Zelda Classic 2.53.1 and with Zelda Classic 2.55.0.


  • Module File (.zmod)
  • Skin (UI Theme) File (.ztheme)
  • ZScript, Pre-Assembled (.zasm)
  • Tile / Tile Package (.ztile)
  • Tileset, Complete (.ztileset)
  • Combo Object / Object Pack (.zcombo)
  • NPC Object (.znpc)
  • Item Object (.zitem)
  • DMap Object (.zdmap)
  • Combo Alias Object / Object Pack (.zalias)
  • Weapon Sprite Object (.zwpnwspr)

These files exist in versions bot for 2.53.1, and for 2.55.0. Objects created in 2.53.1 can be opened in 2.55.0, but objects created in 2.55.0 will only work in that version (or later). When submitting a resource, please remember to appropriately flag the version of ZQuest Creator in which you made it; or when searching for resources, you may filter by the minimum compatible version.

These new modular data files aid substantially in quest-making, and with the sharing of individual assets, or sets of assets with the community.

The old formats such as .dmp (2.50.x DMaps) have been deprecated, but it is possible to import them in 2.53.1 using a new menu (Import 2.50.x Files), and then export them using 2.53.1 in the new formats. This change was required because the old formats were version-specific and would not be future-safe. (2.55.0 could not load them.)

Zelda Classic 2.53 Release 3, Preliminary Build for 20th Anniversary Contest

To coincide with the 20th Anniversary, 6th Quest Contest, (Discord Server) we’re working on the next maintenance release of Zelda Classic 2.53.0 (Release 3).

If you are interested, you can download the latest contest build here.

The quest that wins the contest will be included in the final build of ZC 2.53.0, Release 3.

For more details, see the threads on PureZC or on AGN:

2.53.0 Release 3 preliminary on AGN

2.53.0 Release 3 preliminary on PureZC

MacOS Support, Is Sadly At An End

We, the developers of Zelda Classic are saddened to announce that  as of the release of Mac OSX 10.15, Zelda Classic will no longer be capable of running on OSX.

Furthermore, due to decisions made by Apple, it will not be possible to continue to offer Zelda Classic for the Macintosh platform.

The reasons are not of our choosing, but they stem directly from these decisions that Apple have made, for OSX 10.15

  • Discontinuation of support for 32-bit apps: 32-bit software will not run on OSX 10.15.
  • Discontinuation of support for OpenGL. No OpenGL games will run on OSX 10.15. Future versions of ZC are targeted at OpenGL, instead of DirectX and Quartz.
  • Discontinuation of the Quartz and QT libraries. Our software depends on these, too.
  • Last,and in the chief spot: MacOS 10.15 will not allow non-certified software to run! This is the proverbial, ‘nail in the coffin’, as essentially all small/indy game developers, and all open source developers would be required to pay outrageous sums of money out of pocket just for certification, and even after that, Apple would have the final say on whether we would be permitted to deploy ZC on their platform.

This last issue is tantamount to extortion, and as open source software developers, we will have no part in it. We urge anyone on OSX to write to apple and complain about this move, and the other decisions that they have taken to curtail your rights as an end-user in freedom of choice to run the software that you want to run. It seems clear that Apple, happy to continue selling iPhones, are trying to sabotage their desktop OS, and that you will only be able to run software procured via the ‘Apple Store’ from this point onward.

At this time we wish to thank our loyal users on OSX for more than ten years of using our software, and we hope that you will continue to do so in the future on other supported platforms. If a solution becomes available to run ZC on OSX in the future (e.g. WINE), we will of course support that, but for the interim, our hands are quite literlly tied.

ZC will of course continue to work on older versions of OSX, and we may in time produce builds for legacy versions of OSX. 

New Modules Section in the ZC Resource Repository

Users may now submit Modules for ZQuest Creator and ZC Player Version 2.55, to a new database category, or download existing modules created by the ZC Development Team, and by other users, from the ZeldaClassic.com Resource Repository.

You may access this new feature, here

Zelda Classic 2.53.0 Released

After several years of work, patching bugs and making various compatibility enhancements, we are pleased to announce the immediate release of Zelda Classic 2.53.0.

This release fixes various bugs in the 2.50.x series on modern Windows OS systems, and enhances quest compatibility with all prior versions.

ZC 2.53.0 is fully backward-and-forward-compatible with 2.50.2, and completely replaces the prior ‘2.50.3’ updates.

This version includes an Emulation menu in ZC Player that allows selectively enabling feature/bug emulation for older quests, and offers the widest support for all quests made between versions 1.80 and 2.50.2.

At this time, only the Windows release of ZC is supported. Future support for MacOS X is in doubt, given the recent announcements by Apple that they will discontinue support for all 32-bit ‘apps’ in their operating system; and a Linux version is planned, but at present in hiatus due to issues compiling ZC in a modern Linux environment (gcc/g++)..

This version supersedes v2.50.2, and v3.50.3RC1 for Windows, and all support for these versions for the WIndows platform has ended. This version of ZC is supported via a LTS programme through to April 2023 on current versions of the Windows OS.

Forum Firewall Issues

The server the forum resides on was flagging some posts that contained ZScript code snippets falsely as a cross site scripting attack, and banning the IP of the author.

We have worked with the host to resolve this, and hopefully prevent it from happening going forward, but if you or anyone you know is still experiencing issues please contact us right away so that we can help you.

Quest Database Migrated

All of the quests from the old Quest Database should now be available for download and review under the “Resources” tab. There are some true masterpieces in the database, rivaling the quality of even the official Nintendo SNES and Gameboy games, so if you are new to Zelda Classic, definitely take a look.

The migration process was not entirely straightforward, so some details might be off for some of the quests. If you notice an error, please post in the forums and we will take a look.