We’ve added a large number of new Modular Resource Types, that you may submit, or download on the Resource Database. These new formats are for use with Zelda Classic 2.53.1 and with Zelda Classic 2.55.0.


  • Module File (.zmod)
  • Skin (UI Theme) File (.ztheme)
  • ZScript, Pre-Assembled (.zasm)
  • Tile / Tile Package (.ztile)
  • Tileset, Complete (.ztileset)
  • Combo Object / Object Pack (.zcombo)
  • NPC Object (.znpc)
  • Item Object (.zitem)
  • DMap Object (.zdmap)
  • Combo Alias Object / Object Pack (.zalias)
  • Weapon Sprite Object (.zwpnwspr)

These files exist in versions bot for 2.53.1, and for 2.55.0. Objects created in 2.53.1 can be opened in 2.55.0, but objects created in 2.55.0 will only work in that version (or later). When submitting a resource, please remember to appropriately flag the version of ZQuest Creator in which you made it; or when searching for resources, you may filter by the minimum compatible version.

These new modular data files aid substantially in quest-making, and with the sharing of individual assets, or sets of assets with the community.

The old formats such as .dmp (2.50.x DMaps) have been deprecated, but it is possible to import them in 2.53.1 using a new menu (Import 2.50.x Files), and then export them using 2.53.1 in the new formats. This change was required because the old formats were version-specific and would not be future-safe. (2.55.0 could not load them.)