Ocarina of Power

SubmittedMay 7, 2004

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A carefully done quest with a completed BS Overworld, 9 dungeons, and many interesting puzzles. Uses all items except for the Red Candle, Ladder, and Flippers.


Link was taking a peaceful walk near Kakariko Village when a mountain burst out under his feet. Dropping his sword on the mountain, he fell down to the ground. He went back to Kakariko Village to recover using a potion. But his sword sits shining in the sun up on the mountain, and he had no way to get it down. After finding a wooden sword in a cave, he goes to see Zelda, where he learns that the strange events that are taking place have been happening because Ganon captured the Queen Fairy. Link must gather the key fragments which are scattered throughout Hyrule in order to form the Magic Key and unlock the door to Ganon's tower.


This quest used some tiles that are related to some of the tiles from PrinceMSC's The Revenge quest.

Hints and/or Cheats

Use the Lens of Truth everywhere once you get it! There's many secrets to be found. There's a level 1 cheat code that somebody will tell you, but you won't know when you learn it. Play the Money Making Game! It's located in Kakariko Village, where you start the game, so earning money fast can be easy with it.

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