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Eckels and Jayem


1.92 b163

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I started this quest before I first joined AGN back in October of 2000.... It was the first quest I worked on, and the last I'll work on... When it started it was BS-Style all the way... Then I started editing tiles, and added every feature I could possibly think of... then I stopped working on it for a long six months...

When I got a craving to work on it again, I came back to it, and 1.90 had just come out, I had to completely upgrade the quest to make room for the new items like the boots and the hookshot... I wanted to have all the possible features.... I came close to finishing the quest, but put it away for a while....

About eight or so months later, Dark Nation has put out 1.92 build 163 (or whatever it was) and I get a craving to work on it again... I made so many edits and changes to this damned quest that I think it can't be anything but good at this point, so I'm determined to finish it... I still had much to do, four more underworlds, and quite a bit of fixing up....

And I lost all motivation... I didn't want to see the quest die. Damn i'd worked on it so long I wanted like hell to finish it.... but I knew I never would....

At the time JayeM was beta testing for me, and we would get to talking about the quest a lot.... and I knew she was very interested in the quest, but I felt so bad for not being able to finish it... So I figured Since I like her quest building style, and I certainly trust her judgment implicitly... I decided to give the quest to JayeM, because I know how much life she'd be able to breathe into it...

That was a few months ago... two I think... and she's done extraordinarily well with it... adding almost all of the new features from the new beta, developing the remaining dungeons that needed to be finished, as well as expand on the overworld a bit and add new sub levels...

Now the time has come for her to need a beta tester, and I'm doing it myself. Bigjoe has also been beta testing, and has done a terrific job. He also helped out by adding new BS Enemies created by VEL. Special thanks to him.

Anyways, I am truly amazed at how solid a quest this really is. I'm proud to have worked on it for so long, and I'm proud to have JayeM as it's other parent. I hope you'll all enjoy this quest as much as I do.


Standard Legend of Zelda Storyline


Bigjoe for beta testing and adding new BS Enemies created by VEL.

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