Unofficial Third Quest

SubmittedMay 7, 2004

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The first quest I created using ZQuest. For the most part, it uses the original Zelda graphics. (I have added a few custom tiles.) The soundtrack is completely different, however, featuring MIDI's from other Zelda games, the Mega Man games, and more. The quest has a steep learning curve, and is recommended only for those who can beat the original first and second quests in their sleep.


Typical Legend of Zelda Storyline



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Be sure to check the txt file included with the quest download.

One review of this entry
4.0 rating based on 1 rating
4.0 rating based on 1 rating

  1. Ah, the original quests. New Quest was the first custom quest, but what did people learn from it? What would happen when someone else gets the ball? Enter AlphaDawg and Unofficial 3rd Quest.

    This was a bar-setter. It introduced new things like some new graphics, new levels, and even some crossover culture.

    It does have some flaws though. Level 5’s overlaying trees with walkable trees goes on too long. It also tends to have too much “second quest cheese” with wrong-way passages and regenerating Super Bomb doors. The other flaw, which makes it difficult to judge in today’s world, is the fact the difficulty caps at Level 5 and pretty much stays there. If this was truly to be remade, it’d benefit heavily from new enemies.

    Overall, it still holds up, even if it does troll a lot. It is for better or worse a relic of remakes/ROMhacks in the 1990’s/2000s before you started talking 2.50/SMM/recent hacking tools.

    Miss ‘ya AlphaDawg

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