We, the developers of Zelda Classic are saddened to announce that  as of the release of Mac OSX 10.15, Zelda Classic will no longer be capable of running on OSX.

Furthermore, due to decisions made by Apple, it will not be possible to continue to offer Zelda Classic for the Macintosh platform.

The reasons are not of our choosing, but they stem directly from these decisions that Apple have made, for OSX 10.15

  • Discontinuation of support for 32-bit apps: 32-bit software will not run on OSX 10.15.
  • Discontinuation of support for OpenGL. No OpenGL games will run on OSX 10.15. Future versions of ZC are targeted at OpenGL, instead of DirectX and Quartz.
  • Discontinuation of the Quartz and QT libraries. Our software depends on these, too.
  • Last,and in the chief spot: MacOS 10.15 will not allow non-certified software to run! This is the proverbial, ‘nail in the coffin’, as essentially all small/indy game developers, and all open source developers would be required to pay outrageous sums of money out of pocket just for certification, and even after that, Apple would have the final say on whether we would be permitted to deploy ZC on their platform.

This last issue is tantamount to extortion, and as open source software developers, we will have no part in it. We urge anyone on OSX to write to apple and complain about this move, and the other decisions that they have taken to curtail your rights as an end-user in freedom of choice to run the software that you want to run. It seems clear that Apple, happy to continue selling iPhones, are trying to sabotage their desktop OS, and that you will only be able to run software procured via the ‘Apple Store’ from this point onward.

At this time we wish to thank our loyal users on OSX for more than ten years of using our software, and we hope that you will continue to do so in the future on other supported platforms. If a solution becomes available to run ZC on OSX in the future (e.g. WINE), we will of course support that, but for the interim, our hands are quite literlly tied.

ZC will of course continue to work on older versions of OSX, and we may in time produce builds for legacy versions of OSX.