Official 20th Anniversary Contest Ratings

The final quest submissions, and the form to rate them are now available to the public.

You can download a ZIP of the entire set of quests here. This comes with information on how to rate the quests, and other miscellaneous information that you may need to review in order to properly submit your ranking data,.

Be sure to use the latest version of ZC 2.53.1, when playing the quests! This is mandatory to ensure compatibility. The version at the time of this post is 2.53.1, Beta 36.

The form for the contest ranking submissions is hosted on, through jot. If for some reason you cannot use this form, please notify the contest staff.

All rating submissions are subject to validation and review by contest staff. Spoofed, invalid, or deliberately malicious submissions will be discarded with no effect on the quest ranking.

If you were unable to finish a quest, and you do not provide a satisfactory reason, then we will discard your submission: The field for the reasons for which you are unable to finish a quest is not optional.

We will allow at least two or three months to receive submissions, and may extend this further, should people still be testing and require more time.

Please keep us updated on your progress, and enjoy!