For use in the Official 6th Quest Contest, we are proud to offer Beta builds of Zelda Classic 2.53.1 Pre-Release.

This version includes many ‘Quality of Life’ features for building quests, including a host of new modular data formats. For more information, please view the download section, or download the latest package here.


      • Added .ZMOD in a new ‘light’ format for 2.53.1
      • ZScript parser upgrades, including comment blocks.
      • Fixed issues where ZQuest did not properly render negative layers for adjacent screens.
      • Revised the Import/Export menus.
      • Fixed issues with Ganon Triforce and Ashes in Sideview and over conveyors.
      • Refactored full tileset import and export, adding .ZTILESET.
      • Added .ZTILE, .ZNPC, .ZDMAP, .ZCOMBO, and .ZALIAS file types.
      • Fixed an issue that caused Malwarebytes to false flag ZC.
      • Added scale options for the mouse cursors.
      • Added .ZITEM individual item save/load to the Item Editor
      • Updated ZCL to 2.8.0 with new zc.cfg options, and which handles loading user theme/skin files.
      • CRITICAL: Fixed a bug where very old ghosted enemies were rendered invisible.
      • CRITICAL: Fixed a bug that caused zc.sav to be eaten.
      • Added hotkeys for Level palettes and Fixed Incorrect (violet) Level palette mapscreen grid display.
      • Other improvements. See the changelog.txt for more details.