1. Fixed the bug where Gleeok necks would still be visible even if the Gleeok itself were invisible for some reason (such as invis enemies room flag).

2. Added a quest rule to allow flying enemies to start on unwalkable tiles. This option is turned on when loading an older quest for compatibility reasons.

3. Fixed the bug where info rooms wouldn’t work properly if they had less than 3 info messages.

4. Fixed the alert dialog boxes centering code.

5. Fixed the file selector dialog centering code.

6. Fixed a bug with the the player death sequence display.

7. Speed improvements to the the player animation code.

8. Fixed the bug where the room timer would continue to run when the subscreen was open.

9. Fixed the bug where you couldn’t give letter to potion shop person in caves.

10. Fixed the bug where the hammer could quick slash (which would cause graphical glitches with the smack sprite).

11. Cave2 combos now have the proper entrance/exit screen display (like the cave combos do).

12. Doubled the magic refill speed.

13. Fixed the bug where the screen saver colors would be wrong sometimes.

14. Removed grayscale mode (it didn’t work right).

15. Fixed the quest template loading bug.

16. Fixed the bug where loading new quests would cause a bad token error to appear.

17. Fixed the unencoded quest import/export bug.

18. Fixed the bug where push blocks that had a cset2 on them would look different while they were moving.

19. Fixed a bug with garbage being left on the subscreen by dmap items in some cases.

20. Fixed a bug where garbage could be appended to the end of a quest path in the save game file.

21. Fixed the bug where exiting the program while the “Game Type/Quest/Status” display was on the screen would corrupt the save game file as well as the ag.cfg file.

22. Fixed the “Select Custom Quest” titlebar font.

23. Added 2 more color schemes, Windows 2000 Gold (gui_colorset=687) and Easter Egg (gui_colorset=4104).

24. Fixed (hopefully) the continue bug.

25. Corrected an internal bug in the quest saving code relating to section sizes.

26. Fixed the bug with keyfiles not working.

27. Fixed the bug with the Revert command after loading another file (such as viewing a picture).

28. Fixed the bug where palettes might not update until changing screens.

29. Fixed a bug with the layer radio button drawing code (the button wouldn’t show up except for layer 0).

30. Fixed the bug where the cset2 properties in the combo editor wouldn’t save changes.

31. Added the snapshot shortcut key to the snapshot menu item.

32. Fixed a problem with the text in the “Get Value” dialog.

33. Fixed the bug where the overwrite protection option wouldn’t save.

34. Fixed the bug where exiting the view pic mode without loading a picture would cause ZQuest to black out.

35. Fixed the bug where ripping csets from pictures would sometimes leave old colors around.

36. Fixed the bug where having the mouse in certain areas of zquest screen would cause item animation speed to double.

37. Update the sword/sword beam item names in the secret combo dialog for clarity.

38. Fixed the problem with the message/title/intro editor text being invisible.

39. Fixed the bug with the large map selector in the dmap editor wouldn’t save changes (and may occasionally crash).

40. Fixed the bug where the layer dialog opacity options wouldn’t save.

41. ZQuest now has scaling available in windowed mode. Put -scale <size> after the -windowed command line switch in the Windows/Linux version to enable it.