1. MIDI now stops when tracker starts.
2. Fixed the bug where leaving an enemy carried item laying around would cause a crash on return to the screen under certain conditions.
3. Boss Lock Blocks Work as expected now. You need the Boss Key to open them.
4. Walk flags on ZQuest Creator status panel. On the “status” window at the bottom of ZQuest Creator, on page 1 an image of the currently selected combo is shown twice. The one on the left now shows walk flags as it should.
5. Fixed the bug where a DMAP referencing a non-existant map number would cause a crash in the DMAP Editor dialog. Also fixed it so you can no longer select an invalid map.
6. Hopefully fixed a bug with warping out of a triforce room before the “get triforce” MIDI completed. Nick and others who experienced this problem should check to see that it no longer happens.
7. ZQuest Player will no longer crash when you try to view the overworld map for the second time. Ditto for saving the overworld map with F5.
8. Fixed the problem of layers appearing over the blacked-out area of the screen after you pick up a Triforce piece.
9. Tracker music should now behave like MIDIs – when you change DMAPs, or warp within the same DMAP, the tracker will not restart if both places use the same tracker file.
10. Fixed the Z3 style BRANG/HSHOT problem. Should no longer crash. There might still be a problem with the wrong item being dragged by the brang or hshot, so keep your eyes peeled.
11. Added OGG and MP3 support for bg music. Select in the DMAP editor.
12. Fixed the problems of not being able to select a CSET > 5 for secret combos (and some other places, too, I think).
13. Fixed the bug which could make ZQuest Player crash if a -res switch was used at the end of the command line without the “big” option.
14. Very minor speed optimization when loading enemies as you enter a screen. Might save a few nanoseconds if you have placed enemies.
15. Fixed (hopefully) the continue bug and implemented continue/resume behavior as described in Beta forums.