1. The player can no longer get knocked off of the ladder perpendicular to the direction they got on.
2. Fixed the bug where you couldn’t cancel out of an autolayer.
3. The autolayer feature now has the option to overwrite layers that are already set.
4. The layer editor now has 3 digits for the map numbers.
5. All Gohmas are now considered to be bosses.
6. Fixed the bug where Gohma 4 wouldn’t fire sometimes.
7. Flying enemies can now spawn on solid objects.
8. Zoras can now spawn on water (used to have to have some walkable combos for them to start from).
9. Fixed the bug where getting the fire boomerang while the magic boomerang is flying changed any new magic boomerang sparkles into fire boomerang sparkles.
10. Fixed the bug where sliding a tile downwards in the tile editor couldn’t be undone (the tile was saved at that point).
11. Added a Starting DMap option on Init Page 8..
12. Added a new quest rule: “Bomb Hold Fix”. When this is enabled, bombs can be held up like other items, if the situation calls for it (screen flag, shop, etc.).
13. Armos in the enemy list no longer leave behind an under combo when they appear..
14. Fixed the bug where pressing the ‘go’ button in the sidewarp dialog caused some screen flags to become unset.
15. Moving either the blue or green start indicators now counts as an edit (ZQuest Creator will now ask if you want to save even if that was the only change you made).
16. Stunning a blue wizzrobe now makes them solid (no more invisible stunned blue wizzrobes).
17. Fixed the player’s non-BS swimming tiles.
18. Ladder-only combos changed to ladder/hookshot combos (to correctly name their current behavior).
19. Added a hookshot only combo type.
20. Ladder-only combos don’t let you hookshot over them now.
21. Alphabetized the item list in shops.
22. The “rupee (1)” item listed in the shop dialog has been renamed to “(none)” to correctly represent its function.
23. Autolayers can now be undone.
24. The quest encryption has been reworked to lock out anyone who may have gotten their hands on the source.
25. Fixed a bug where starting a quest, then quitting without saving and loading a different quest file into the same block would sometimes make the player start in a strange place.
26. Fixed a bug with scrollbars in ZQuest Player (the buttons wouldn’t work and the scroll thumb was positioned incorrectly).
27. Added a rectangular selection option to the ZQuest Creator tile selector screen (switch between rectangular and striped with the space bar).
28. The DOS version now has OGG support as the Windows version did in Alpha 184 (Alpha 184 was a Windows-only release).