What’s new:

1. Fixed the zora always starts at 0,0 bug.
2. Fixed the enemy conversion bug.
3. “Finalized” the new enemy tile positions.
4. New quest encryption method for better security.

Also, I’ve included a quest with this version (newfirst-fixed.qst) that has all of the new enemy tiles set up correctly. Also, I’ve included a PDF file that shows each enemy and what tile they start on.

Usually, if an enemy is one tile and it spans one row, then the sequence goes: up (1-4), down (1-4), left (1-4), right (1-4).

If a one-tile enemy spans 2 rows, the second row is: up-left (1-4), up-right (1-4), down-left (1-4), down-right (1-4).

These correspond to the enemy direction. Sometimes an enemy is moving that way, and sometimes it is just looking in that direction. Also, you will notice some new enemies that aren’t in the game. A few examples are: boulder, BS Aquamentus, Flame Dodongo, and Stalfos 3. These may show up later, they may not.