Just fixed up the enemy code some more.

1. Removed the debugging window that popped up when you took off a Gleeok/Gleeok2 head.
2. Gleeok flying heads were using the attached head graphics.
3. Gleeok2 flying heads were invisible.
4. Patra Oval, Patra 2, and Patra 3 were using the wrong graphics in normal mode.
5. Mirrorrobe and Batrobe were using wrong graphics in standard mode.
6. Newfirst-fixed wasn’t quite fixed right.

Can’t remember any of the others.

The newfirst-fixed.qst should be right now (no more shadow octoroks in normal mode and no more trippy Aquamentus butts in the graveyard).
New.til is an exported tileset of the new enemy tiles. To use it, clear pages 6-32. Move the tiles from those pages down so they start on 35 if you have to (that’s what I did to fix newfirst-fixed). Next, import the new.til file and tell zquest to start importing into page 6. There you go!

If zcplayer.exe or zquest.exe die immediately after starting, download beta 115 and install that. Then, this one.