1. Dual-platform support. After several hours of pain-staking backtracking through the Windows-modified code, I was able to put in conditional code that would allow me to compile a Windows or a DOS version from the same source code. So, for those of you who couldn’t run the beta before, this should bring you back into the fold.
2. Fixed the Level-Color keese tile bug for the new enemy tiles.
3. Updated the credits in ZQuest Player to include information about the Windows port (under the Etc menu, choose Credits to view them).
4. Fixed the screenshot function in the Player and Creator (I hope). Let me know if it doesn’t work. I already know that screenshots taken of the game select screen are still messed up. I hope to fix that by the next beta.

As you will notice, the DOS and Windows versions have different filenames. This will allow you to use both of them on your system if you choose. If the Windows version dies immediately after start, try downloading the Windows support archive. If that doesn’t work, look in the ZCBeta folder for a file called ‘allegro.log’. It should have information about what happened to make the program die.

After I get a few more bugs worked out (mainly cosmetic problems caused by compiling with Allegro 4, such as screen elements not being large enough to hold the text inside them, thus making the text disappear), I’m thinking about releasing another public beta.