New in this version:

1. Fixed the “hookshot crashes sometimes when pulling the player” bug.
2. Added new push blocks. In addition to the push up/down and the push 4-way blocks, there are now 19 others:
-push left/right
-push up
-push down
-push left
-push right
-push up/down (no secret trigger)
-push left/right (no secret trigger)
-push 4-way (no secret trigger)
-push up (no secret trigger)
-push down (no secret trigger)
-push left (no secret trigger)
-push right (no secret trigger)
-push up/down infinitely (no secret trigger)
-push left/right infinitely (no secret trigger)
-push 4-way infinitely (no secret trigger)
-push up infinitely (no secret trigger)
-push down infinitely (no secret trigger)
-push left infinitely (no secret trigger)
-push right infinitely (no secret trigger)

There is also a “no push blocks” flag that allows you to set up where blocks can and can’t go without restricting the player’s movements. Simply put, you can’t push a block onto a “no push blocks” flag.

Finally, there is a “block trigger” flag. If you push a block of any kind onto it, the secret is activated and the block becomes immobile. Why you would need this for anything other than the infinite push blocks is beyond me. Unless you want to use it with one of the 2 or 4-way no secret trigger blocks so that it only activates the secret if they push the block in the right direction.