New in this version:

1. Fixed the bug where activating a trigger with a pushblock turned all infinite pushblocks on that screen (maybe everywhere on the DMap or possibly in the game, haven’t checked yet) into push-once blocks.
2. Added the ability to have more than one trigger block so you have to activate all of them to activate a secret.
3. Fixed the default quests bug and put the real 3rd quest in the support archive.
4. Altered the pushblock code. Now, anything with a push flag will appear on top of layers 1 and 2. The reason is, the hero is walking on layers 1 and 2, so he can’t very well push something below those layers. If he could, then the block would slide along under those layers when it is moving. While this may be a desired effect at times, if you wanted to have some sort of animated combo on layer 1 attached to the push block, it wouldn’t work. So, to simplify things, I made push blocks be above layers 1 and 2. This also hase the added side-effect of allowing you to push a pushblock over different combos and it not change them all to the same thing (it is actually still doing this, but if you set up the real floor on layer 1, then the block won’t be erasing it, just layer 0, which is covered up by layer 1).
5. The Windows versions of ZQuest Player and ZQuest Creator can now run in a window. To do this (I may make an in-program option later), you have to use a switch. Here are the options (these only apply to the Windows versions):

“-fullscreen”: Makes the program run full-screen, using a directx hardware accelerated driver (default)
“-fullscreen -directx”: Same as above
“-fullscreen -directx -soft”: Makes the program run full-screen, using a directx software accelerated driver
“-fullscreen -directx -safe”: Makes the program run full-screen, using the safe directx unaccelerated driver
“-windowed”: Makes the program run in a window, using the directx driver
“-windowed -directx”: Same as above
“-windowed -gdi”: Makes the program run in a window, using a GDI driver. I think you can use this even if you don’t have DirectX. It is very slow, though.

I would have included the updated quest default (what shows up when you start zquest), but I left it at work. Maybe Tuesday morning.