1. In response to Cloral’s suggestion in ZC Suggestions, I’ve renamed the ‘all-purpose’ flag to the ‘lens marker’ flag. I checked through the code and he was right; it serves absolutely no other purpose other than to mark things for the lens.

2. I tweaked the lens so that it now shows bombable walls in dungeons with a ‘bombed wall’ state instead of the white square it was showing before.

3. In response to KJAZZ’s post, I updated newdefault again. It’s now in the ZQuest Classic 1.92 Beta 135+ Support Archive, and also available separately (save it to your C:\ZCBeta directory, or wherever you’ve been extracting the betas).

4. Added item bubbles. This should make things a lot more interesting.

For some reason, the 256 combo bug that corrupted your saves vanished. I’m beginning to thing it’s a roaming bug, so whenever you save, export a .QSU as well, just in case.