New/fixed in this version:

1. In response to bigjoe’s post, I’ve once again switched the F1 key back to it’s original purpose, toggling VSync.

2. In response to KJAZZ’s post, I updated newdefault yet again. I will update the support archive later. For now, it’s available as a separate file (save it to your C:ZCBeta directory, or wherever you’ve been extracting the betas).

3. Stalfos 3. Nothing too special yet. I threw him it just before I had to go to work. I will update him some more tomorrow. For now, he’s does 3 times as much damage, has more hit points (6, I think, compared to 2 for the other Stalfos enemies), moves faster (not crack speed, though), follows the player more often, and currently drops magic jars sometimes when defeated. Other than that, he acts like a Stalfos 2, I think. I’m planning on tweaking him to fire more often and fire in 4 directions instead of 2.

4. 20 New map flags:
+magic boomerang
+fire boomerang
+silver arrow
+golden arrow
+red candle
+wand fire
+din’s fire
+wand magic
+reflected magic
+reflected fireball
+white sword
+magic sword
+master sword
+sword beam
+magic sword beam
+master sword beam

These allow you to trigger things with your items. For the most part, higher-power weapons will trigger lower power flags. For instance, the wooden, silver, and golden arrows will all trigger the arrow flag. The silver and golden arrows will trigger the silver arrow flags and the golden arrow will trigger the golden arrow flag.

A few odd ducks, though:
+fire flags: Anything that generates fire (the flame trail from the fire boomerang doesn’t count) will trigger a burn flag. Anything that triggers a burn flag except the blue candle will trigger the red candle flag. Anything that triggers a red candle flag except the red candle will trigger the wand fire flag (this is the fire that the wand creates when you have the book). And only Din’s Fire (still not put back in yet, sorry) will trigger the Din’s Fire flag.

+magic flags: Wand Magic and Reflected Magic are mutually exclusive. They will not trigger each other’s flags.

+sword and sword beam flags: Putting a sword flag on something is basically like setting that combo as a slash combo. the white sword, magic sword, and master sword flags make you have to use that sword or better on the flag to activate it. The beam flags work the same way, but are only triggered by the beam; the blade of the sword won’t work. Also, the beams won’t trigger the sword flags.

+reflected flags: Yes, you have to reflect magic or fireballs (like from zoras) at them to trigger them. No, they are not interchangeable. Also, I forget what mirrors and prisms do to wand magic, enemy magic, and reflected magic (I think they are all changed to reflected magic when they hit a mirror or prism). When testing, you may want to sprikle some mirrors around and set up some flags and maybe some wizzrobes so you can test what happens.

I loaded up ZQuest Creator to look at the flag list just now so I could write them down here (as I don’t have the source code with me) and I noticed a bug. I forgot to put a comma in the flag list after the master sword flag. So, for the moment, the white sword beam flag is really the sword beam flag, the magic sword beam flag is really the white sword beam flag, the master sword beam flag is really the magic sword beam flag, and the last entry (it says L^^ on my system) is really the master sword beam flag. I will fix the wording in the next beta. However, none of these additions/changes except for the fixed newdefault (and the flag listing) have been tested. So, please test thoroughly and give me as much information about this as you can by tomorrow morning so I can fix them if needed.