What’s new/fixed:

1. The new triggers should be working now and I’ve added the wand and hammer triggers. The wand itself, not the magic, activates the wand trigger.

2. The hookshot now goes through any gap that is 1/2 combo size or larger. Before, it wouldn’t go between combos that were together and had their touching walk flags turned off.

3. Weapons should trigger things at the right times now. For instance, before, an arrow would trigger an arrow flag even if it was combo lower. This should be fixed now.

4. Stalfos 3 should be pretty much finalized now. Fires 4 swords instead of 1 now.

Gotta run. I’ll try to update this post later with more details. Until then, see what you can find on your own.

One thing that you might notice immediately different, there are now 4 more template screens at the bottom. Secret combos use screen 84 instead of 83 now.