What’s new/fixed:

1. Fixed zgp.dat to account for the new template screen.

2. Enhanced the import combo function so you can now specify a starting page like with the import tile function.

3. JayeM has done a new zquest.txt file for beta 136.

4. Items now animate in ZQuest.

5. Items continue to animate when Link picks holds them over his head now (before, they stopped). I suppose I could put this as a quest rule if someone has a reason that an item should stop animating when Link is holding them.

6. The trigger enemy finally works.

7. When you push a non-heavy pushblock onto a trigger, it will now make the secret sound when it’s supposed to like the heavy ones do.

8. Pushblocks now flicker when viewed with the lens, instead of disappearing. Should I change this back? Or should I find another way to represent them?

9. Enemy placement flags no longer show up with the lens.

10. The “Lens Hints” quest rule works now. Basically, when you view a flag under the lens, you will see what item triggers it flickering there. For instance, a burn flag will show a flickering blue candle. Some flags have multiple things showing up. For instance, the “reflected fireball” flag shows a mirror shield with a fireball reflecting off of it. Reflected magic and wand magic exhibit similar behaviors. Strike flags cycle through all of the weak items that will trigger them: blue candle, bomb, arrow, boomerang, sword, sword beam, wand magic, reflected magic, reflected fireball, hookshot, hammer (not necessarily in that order). Give the new lens rule a try and tell me what you think. Also, if you have the “whistle->stairs” screen flag set, then a whistle will blink slowly (instead of flicker) on at the place where the stairs appear. Also, the fairy flag has a fairy on it now. Should this be taken out or changed in any way? Before, it was a flickering white square. If you want to see what this square looks like, look at a walk-through dungeon wall with the lens (like in level 2 of the second quest, I think).