What’s new/fixed:

1. Auto-backup option (under the Etc.->Options menu). Turn it on and every time you save, your quest will also be exported with the same name and a qsb extension.

2. More strings. Around 65k of them. If anyone thinks they need more, their quest is just too long.

3. Red candle flame fixed when it was broken due to the new red candle flag.

4. Quest rule for holding item animation has been done. I forgot to rename it, though. It’s the first reserved rule on rules page 2.

5. Now, if you hit cancel on any of the rules or init data pages, your previous information comes back. Before, it would only restore the previous information for the page you were on.

6. Found the cause of the titlescreen and “All of Treasures” screen bugs. I’ve fixed the “All of Treasures” screen (I think), and plan to fix the titlescreen tomorrow.

As for the format of QSU files now (this is for FCF), I will be changing the format again with beta 141 (I forgot to enhance the string function in the QSU importer/exporter). You might want to wait until then before updating mapmaker.