What’s new/fixed:

1. Modified the QSU import/export so that is doesn’t waste space due to the increased string limit.

2. Gohma 3. Need 3 silver (or 2 gold) arrows to kill. Shoots 3 fireballs (like Aquamentus, only downward).

3. Gohma 4. Need 2 gold arrows to kill. Whenever the eye is open, shoots a stream of flames (like the Fire Gleeoks do).

3. Fixed the bug where the windows version would sometimes crash when looking at light (not requiring a bracelet) pushblocks with the lens.

4. Tweaked the pushblock viewing with lens code. Now, the pushblock blinks slowly. If a bracelet is needed for the pushblock, then that bracelet flickers on the pushblock.

5. Finally fixed the titlescreen. Requires a new zgp.dat file.

6. Began work on a modified map import feature. With it, group quests will be easier. Imagine you have two maps set up like this:

ABCD   ----
---E   NOP-
-HGF   M---
----   LKJI

Basically, two interlocking spirals. Before, you had to import one onto a separate map and manually copy screens over. Now, blank screens are not imported (unless you specify “full copy”).

So, before, an import would overwrite what you already had. Now:

ABCD        ----
---E        NOP-
-HGF        M---
----        LKJI



What if you already have a screen where an imported screen will be? There is an option to specify which screen (original or import) takes priority.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t complete yet. Selecting any of the options other than “Full Copy” will clear your map for some reason. *shrug*

As for the format of QSU files now (this is for FCF), it’s the same, except the string part is now like that of the string export:

typedef unsigned short word
typedef unsigned char  byte
typedef struct message {
 char s[73];
 char s1,s2,s3;
} message

short version
byte build
word strings
strings * sizeof(message)

Before, it would store all the message strings in the file, even if you only had 1.