What’s new/fixed:

1. Gold ring is now selectable in the equipment dialog that’s called up from the cheats menu.

2. Equipment dialog has been redesigned in the JWin style as apposed to the flat, Allegro style. The reason this was never done before is because PM never wrote checkbox and radio button dialog elements for the JWin style. I wrote them over the past 2 days and this is the result. Comments welcome.

2. Fixed the bug where pushblocks would turn off if you hit one while another is moving (unless you knew what was going on, it would look like some pushblocks would, at random, refuse to work unless you left the screen and came back).

3. Continued work on quest templates. Not finished, but I left the dialog in this time so you could all make comments about it. Right now, you can create new entries and give them names. Can’t associate them with files yet, though and it doesn’t save your listing when you leave ZQuest.

4. JayeM update the zquest.txt file to beta 142.

5. Compiled with the newest Allegro, 4.01. Might fix some stability issues. YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW WINDOWS SUPPORT ARCHIVE IF YOU USE THE WINDOWS VERSION OF ZC!

6. Using a new compressor on the executables. This one works on both DOS and Windows files, so the Windows version is now WAY smaller. It compresses better than the previous program I used, so the DOS version is a little smaller, too.

7. ZQuest Creator and ZQuest Player now have their own icons in their titlebars when you run them windowed. Before, it was just a generic application icon.

8. Updated the zgp.dat file again to fix the cset of the golden arrow item.

9. Fixed the problem in ZQuest Player where ALL drives were listed in the drive list box, instead of just the ones you actually had.

10. Fixed a bug where the lens wouldn’t show undercombos on the bottom of the screen.

11. This was actually done a few betas back, but I forgot to mention it: If you destroy a statue combo (hammer, burn, anything that gets rid of the combo if you’ve set a flag on it), it should stop firing at you now.

Yes, I know there is still a problem with the template screens (now, they show up blank or scrambled when you start a new quest). I know how to fix it, but I have to finish the quest template stuff first.