What’s new in this version:

1. Fixed combo flipping bugs. Combo displays correctly when flipped while using a cset2. Also, the walk flags and cset2 flags flip with the tile now.

2. Fixed (I hope) the bug where enemies would not show up sometimes.

3. Added new map stuff to dmaps. Click on the edit maps button when you are editing a dmap to access it. However, this isn’t quite complete yet (on the ZQuest side). When you close the map chooser dialog, you will be back to the dmap chooser dialog instead of the dmap editor dialog. This should be fixed in the next beta. Also, anything you did on the dmap editor window might not be saved if you make changes and click on the edit maps button instead of the ok button.

4. Fixed the gohma bug.

5. Fixed (I hope) the bug where levels above 32 would have glitches (especially regarding information that is saved into the save file).

6. Fixed the Alt-key bug in the game engine. That should be the last of the port-related bugs.

7. Constant moving traps now obey walk flags on layers 1 and 2.

Now, if there aren’t any new major bugs found in beta 152, I will concentrate on trying to remove combo pages altogether. This will probably be the greatest single change since combo animation.