What’s new in this version (make sure you get the beta 159 Support Archive as well):

1. More fixes to the combo-pagelessness code.

2. Fixed the bug where combos past page 4 wouldn’t show up in the big combo list (where you select combos to edit).

3. Added some more shortcuts to the menus.

4. Added a new screen flag “No Secret Sounds”. Supposed to prevent secret sounds from sounding on the current screen. Hasn’t been tested yet.

5. Added a new screen flag “NMEs Always Rtrn” Makes enemies always return for that room.

6. Added some speedups for the combo scrolling. Try holding shift, control, or alt (or a combination of these) while scrolling using either mouse scrolling, the scroll buttons, or the page up, page down, up arrow, or down arrow keys.

7. Removed the code that exists ZQuest Creator if no key file is found or if an invalid keyfile is found. It will still tell you if one of these things is happening, though. This will help me find bugs in the system.

8. Fixed the import/export functions.

9. Separated the sound effects from the rest of zcplayer.dat. The sound effects are now stored in sfx.dat. This is the first step toward customizable sounds.

10. Fixed the problem where moving tiles to their original location will delete them.

11. Fixed the sword beams, I hope.

12. “I-Warp Total” has been renamed to “Full-Screen Warp” or something like that.

Can’t remember any other changes at the moment. I may add more later.