1. Fixed the bug that Jigglysaint mentioned where guys would show up both in the main room and in the item/passage room in a dungeon.
  2. Added the frameskip code to the game engine and added a way to turn it off in the settings menu(otherwise, it’s not adjustable, and I don’t see it being so in the future).
  3. Screen flags (burn, bomb, etc.) work with layers now. Each layer can have separate screen flags and separate secret combos. So, triggering a flag on any layer triggers all flags on all layers. So, if you burn a tree that has a burn flag on it (layer 0), then the branches (layer 3) will also burn if they have a burn flag on them. Also, secret combos and flags now show for the current layer instead of always for layer 0.
  4. Switched to Allegro 4.1.0 WIP.