1. Fixed the eyeball combo types that broke in beta 170.

2. Fixed the bug where all layers would be drawn as translucent in ZQuest Creator and in the view map option due to the recoding of the rendering engine in beta 170.

3. Overworld dmaps with level numbers shouldn’t stop your horizontal movement after 8 screens.

4. Fixed it where level 0 can be a dungeon (I think). Anyone wanna try this out in a previous beta and the current one and tell me

5. Shutters should be fixed after they were broken ever since the switch to the door combo sets.

6. Boos doors now act like locked doors with respect to how far the player moves when they walk through one into the next room

7. Fixed the bug where going onto a screen and immediately getting placed on a raft (like when you leave the level 4 entrance screen) wouldn’t trigger the secret SFX like it was supposed to. This was a bug in the “No Secret SFX” switch.

8. Rewrote the memory allocation routines that ZQuest Player and ZQuest Creator run through at startup to show how much memory they are allocating and how much memory has been allocated in all. This should help pinpoint where the memory problems occur. Looks like ZQuest Player allocates 36.24M of memory and ZQuest Creator allocates 45.73M. Add about 3M to each for the uncompressed programs and you have a 39M requirement for ZQuest Player and a 48M requirement for ZQuest Creator (not including the OS overhead). And this doesn’t even completely include the music data, as that is allocated dynamically when you load music, since music sizes can be vastly different. I’m looking into doing the same in other areas, but it may take a while to do.