1. Rewrote the validation routines that accessed the trash buffer so they can use a much smaller buffer.

2. Changed the allocation for the trash buffer from 8M to 100K. Now, ZQuest Creator allocates 37.83M of memory instead of the 45.73M that ZQuest Creator allocated in Beta 171. Also, ZQuest Player now allocates 28.34M of memory instead of the 36.24M that ZQuest Player allocated in Beta 171.

3. Per Cloral’s suggestion, modified the firing rate of the Gohma 4 to match that of the Flame Gleeok. Before it would fire every frame that the eye was open. Now, it only fires every 8 frames.

4. Modified the menu in ZQuest Creator to make it look like it did before switching to Allegro 4.1 (Allegro 4.1’s menus are drawn 1 pixel smaller.